Pour A Little Happiness

We’ve assembled a collection of classic dishes and desserts that you can enjoy with a tall, cold, glass of milk.


On top of being delicious, milk is also the easiest way to find out how you would look with a moustache.

Spicy Food

The next time your mouth is burning up from a spicy curry or a plate of hot wings, remember that a glass of milk will cool the heat better than any other beverage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with saucy fingers.

Coffee and Tea

Adding a spot of milk to your favourite hot beverage helps to cool your drink while giving it a smooth, silky texture.

Milk and Cereal

It may seem obvious, but breakfast just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for this classic combo.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The only problem with PB&J is its tendency to stick to the roof of your mouth like crazy glue. A tall glass of milk will make quick work of that clingy peanut butter.

Healthy Lunches

Putting together a well-rounded lunch is easy when you can pack a serving of milk to go with the rest of your healthy snacks. The hardest part is deciding between regular and chocolate.


Whether you take your chocolate in the form of cookies, cake, or a plain old bar, this decadent treat can be made even more delicious with a cool and creamy glass of milk.


A lot of tough choices go into making a sandwich. Center cut or diagonal? Crust or no crust? Luckily, deciding what to drink with your sandwich is the easiest decision of them all…Milk of course!

Chocolate Cake

From birthday parties to anniversaries, nothing says ‘celebration’ like a slice of chocolate cake with a tall glass of ice-cold milk.

Grilled Cheese

Remember when you were young and a grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk seemed like the height of fine dining? Treat yourself to a simple but delicious delicacy by recreating this childhood favourite.


Have you ever tried blowing bubbles in water? Spoiler alert: It’s not nearly as fun or tasty.


Memories of Mom or Grandma pulling a tray of freshly baked cookies from the stove are enough to send anyone running to the fridge for a tall glass of milk.


The holidays wouldn’t be complete without rich foods, festive drinks, and milk and cookies for the big man in red.